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tv   Today  NBC  September 22, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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we're beak now with more of "today" on a thursday morning. it is the 22nd day of september, 2011. a little damp here on the plaza. but it hasn't dampened the spirit of our crowd. we thank them for stopping by and sticking it out. out on the plaza, i'm matt lauer wi al roker and savannah guthrie. the search goes on for ann curry as we speak. and coming up, we have gathered once again our "today"
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professionals. >> yes. they are here to chew over the hot topics of the day including a new study that finds happy guys are not considered sexy by women. they prefer apparently the brooding, depressed, and moody bad boy. also we'll talk about other topics that are making news like the troy davis execution. we have starr jones, a multibillion dollar ad exec and none other than dr. nancy here to discuss. >> you may have slighted donnie a little. i pleasing think it's a multitr dollar -- >> actually don himself could take care of the budget deficit just by writing a check. he sprained his ankle falling off his wallet the other day. >> oh, love you too. also on today's health we're talking about the embarrassing side effects of different foods and drinks. you know what we're talking about. whether it's that morning coffee or the asparagus or maybe the beans you've got. why they cause some unusual side effects. if there is anything you can do about it. >> what side effects are you talking about?
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>> i don't know. we'll demonstrate later. we also have bobby thomas with us this morning talking about the hottest fall handbags right off the runway. natalie is standing by with the headlines. >> good morning everyone. americans shane bauer and josh fattal are enjoying their first full day of freedom in more than two years today. on wednesday the two arrived in oman. into the arms of their families hours after being released from prison in iran where they had been convicted of spying. also on hand was sarah shourd who was freed by iran last year. their families called it the best day of our lives. mixed reactions this morning to last night's execution of convicted killer troy davis in georgia. davis maintained his innocence to the end saying he did not kill police officer mark macphail in 1989. asked earlier on "today" whether officials in georgia executed an innocent man the reverend al sharpton said, i believe they did. meantime, prosecutors and
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macphail's family said, justice has finally been done. today president obama takes his push for a jobs bill to a bridge linking ohio and kentucky. they're the home states of his two chief republican rivals, house speaker john boehner and senate republican leader mitch mcconnell. it's part of the president's effort to win support for the bill in congress. palestinian president mahmoud abbas appears determined to press ahead with a bid for u.n. recognition of statehood. the palestinian officials say they'll give the security council some time to review their application for statehood. and a major new study is challenging the way many kidney patients get dialysis treatment. for decades three times a week treatment has been the standard leaving patients without dialysis for a two-day period each week. the study found that deaths and heart attacks are much higher on the day after that two-day break and suggests that dialysis three times a week may not be enough. and some furry, intensive care in england for four baby
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squirrels that were blown out of their nest during hurricane katia last week. now five weeks old they're getting round-the-clock care at a wildlife sanctuary including bottle feeding, so cute, with goat's milk every three hours. after they get gger, stronger, but probably not any cuter they'll be released back into the wild. they are so cute when they're little like that. four minutes past the hour. let's go back outside to matt and ann. >> they look like something out of a little cartoon book or something. >> they are so cute until they get in your attic. then they're not so cute anymore. natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker has a check of the weather. >> we sure do. squirrel! i love it. let's show you what's going on today. we have rain here in the northeast. it is going to get heavier and heavier as we move on into the weekend. rainfall amounts next 72 hours, we are talking about anywhere from about 0.5 inch to 5 inches of rain between columbia, south carolina all the way on up into
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new england. for the day today, wet weather up and down the eastern seaboard. showers back through the lower mississippi river valley. clouds with mild conditions in the pacific northwest. nice day in l.a. high of 82 o the high temperature is expected in the that is your latest weather. savannah? al, thanks. time for an installment of today's professionals where we break down some of the hottest topics that have you talking.
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star jones is an author and tv personality. donnie deutsch, and dr. nancy snyderman nbc's chief medical editor. good morning to all of you. our first topic is very serious. troy davis was executed last night in georgia and this case stirred a lot of controversy of course because over a long course of appeals there were many doubts raised as to the veracity of the eyewitness testimony that basically his conviction hung on. my first question to you is whether you think an injustice was done here. >> the problem is the death penalty in the united states is arbitrary and capricious. all over the country you can be in one state and get the death penalty and move to the next state, literally, across the street, and not get the death penalty for the exact same crime. that's the problem with it. morally i don't have an issue with whether or not we execute but when it seems to be some element of doubt as to actual innocence, and there have been starts and stops in this case
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multiple, multiple times, that's when i have a problem with it where do you come down on it, donnie? setting aside the facts of this particular case, i mean, should we still have a death penalty in this country? >> yeah. this case is obviously so sad because some of the witnesses recanted so this case is tragic. having said that, i'm very torn on the death penalty but i always say to people, there is a difference between ideology and reality. if i turn to nancy and say, are you for the death penalty? and you say, no. i say, well what if somebody, god forbid, kidnapped and killed your child? are you for the death penalty? yes. it's like waterboarding. do i want to waterboard and torture people? no. what if waterboarding would have saved your brother in 9/11? yes. so i think it's a very personal thing. i am very torn on it but i think there is a difference between ideology and when it affects you. >> i have a very good friend in san francisco whose sister was abducted when she was pregnant, murdered, stuffed in somebody's trunk, then found and the guy had the death penalty. she observed his execution. she said it brought her no closure. >> it never would.
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>> and in that she thought she would be pro death penalty and didn't. so my concern in this case i guess is more of just the average citizen. if people have changed their minds we know eyewitnesses are typically wrong, there is a problem. i always worry when i see race as part of this as a question of whether that played a role. and, as a physician, some doctor pushed a syringe last night so if you go back to the hi hippocratic oath of do no harm how does a doctor kill someone? i don't know how to get over that. >> it should be pointed out troy davis certainly did get his day in court. >> absolutely. >> these witnesses who later recanted were heard in court by a judge who ultimately rejected their changed testimony. but, you know, some people think that's because the system is fixed. you've worked in the system. they think the system is rigged against the poor in our society, against african-americans in particular, and i wonder what your view is of that.
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>> savannah, you are never going to see a rich, white man be put to death in the united states of america. that is not going to happen right now. >> wow see a rich white man that brutally premeditated killing a police officer? is it that rich white guys are much less prone to do violent crimes? >> scott peterson is on california's death row. >> he wasn't a rich, white guy. >> you have to be careful of the race thing here. >> i was very clear in what i said and i meant that. a rich, white man in the united states of america is going to hire the proper attorneys. >> okay. >> and the proper jury consultants that they will not face the same situation. >> right. different story. correct. >> as a poor minority. that is why i made the statement. it's less about race and more about access to resources. let's move on. this is a serious topic and i know we won't resolve it today so we'll lighten it up a little bit with red heads rejected. the world's largest sperm bank has said no more red heads. we don't want that in our sperm
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bank. i guess it struck people as maybe a little bit discriminatory. donnie? >> no. it's a business. it is supply and demand. let's say you had an ice cream store. okay? and you had 500 flavors. and one of the flavors was banana cream and nobody ever wanted banana cream. you wouldn't have it. obviously if there were people requesting red heads they would have it. it's business. it's supply and demand. it is not their job. people pay 500 bucks for my sperm i mean somebody else's sperm. >> of course. >> so they're not discriminating. they're making a business decision. >> this friend of mine. >> based on -- when i heard 500 bucks, i was like not a bad deal, right? you get a penthouse, you're in. you're all set. i'm kidding. but i'm sewer yous. i think it's supply and demand. i don't think it's discrimination. >> there is no genetics for it. the reality is a red head is as healthy as a blonde or brunette. if men are looking for someone the blondes always trump the
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brunettes. >> women are choosing, getting the sperm. >> you pick a donor based on what you want your child to look like, the characteristics, and if your partner has red hair then you will pick a red headed donor more than likely. you want to try to incorporate the look of the child in your family. >> but obviously they are not getting requests for that. they are a business and want to make money. >> the supply and demand thing. we have to get to the next topic. happy guys less sexy. wipe that smile off your face, donnie or nobody is going to want you. apparently this survey found women were more attracted to men that were -- >> do a little role playing. let's say you and i are kind of -- okay. which do you want? how you doing, baby. >> i don't want that goofy smile. >> if a woman has a big grin on her face -- >> the thing women preferred was not how you doing, baby, it was a brooding, movody looking man. >> i don't want a sour puss. i don't want a giggly fool.
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>> they fall for the bad guy because they think they can sleep it out of them. absolutely. >> look at any lingerie ad. >> but they don't marry those guys because it just gets worse. >> you look at any lingerie ad for anything that has to do with anything looking sexy, perfume, the woman is brooding also. that's what we are trained is sexy is mysterious. >> they're skinny models and they're hungry. >> men in the survey liked women who were happy and were less attracted to women who looked proud and confident. >> confident is different than brooding. it can be intimidatinintimidati. this is not a male/female issue. >> of course it is. blue steel. >> while he is emoting we can't do this. >> while you all feast on that image let's move on to our next topic. it's a serious one actually. a study that found that young people ages 14 to 24 feel it is okay to use some pretty offensive slurs among each other, among friends, online.
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i guess their theory is, well, i'm with friends. we all know i'm kidding. is it ever okay to use some of these, like the "n" word or saying "retard?" these kinds of slurs, is there any context in which this is okay? >> i don't like -- i think morally it bothers me. however, we as adults have to remember that we're putting a lot of our stuff on kids nowadays and kids for the most part don't see a lot of the things that we saw. they don't have the same frame of reference. they didn't fight during the civil rights movement. they had gay rights. they're not facing the same issues we did. so they don't see it as serious. >> they don't think -- >> they don't see it as serious as we do. >> i think they are more casual with language. >> which is interesting. words are powerful. you take the "n" word or the "f" word but on the flip side if kids are using and using them it takes the power away from them. there is a fine line. >> is that an argument to use
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tlem? >> it's in a strange way, young people are probably more liberal than older people. >> yes. >> they're not using them as derogatory. you can sometimes take the starch out of words by taking the mystique out. >> i'm going to say a bad word. the word [ bleep ] is to me very derogatory but i hear the 20-year-olds tan's like the flippant new word. >> it's not a bad word anymore. the way to kill a bad word. >> i find myself stiffening and i think that's awful. >> you would be offended if i said you better work that dress bitch. that's what girls say. >> i would not like that. >> that's what kids say. >> donnie you want to get a "b" word in too to make it equal? >> i just don't want to be called a bitch. >> okay. here is a word i guess we can say on tv. ben and jerry has a new ice cream flavor getting some controversy. it's sweaty balls named after the most famous saturday night live skit featuring alec baldwin who is hosting this saturday. a mother's group came out and said this just goes too far.
9:15 am
it's basically turning something as sweet as ice cream and making it kind of vulgar. >> have you eaten it? >> no i haven't. >> it's great. >> i don't care. >> is it great by any name? >> who cares? it's funny. the ice cream's good. get off, you know -- >> i'm going to be the puritanical one here. >> oh, my god. >> true. first of all from a taste appeal i don't know what sweaty balls ice cream would be like. that is number one as a marketer. number two as a dad i don't want to have to explain. >> don't explain it. >> if my 8-year-old says what are schweddy balls ice cream? >> what if your child is going around repeating it? >> who cares? >> resolve this dispute. >> i like chocolate ice cream. >> you can say schweddy balls. just please don't call me a bitch. >> i'm no longer going to be on this panel. i'm offended by these women and their cavalier attitude toward schweddy balls. >> you know what the problem with you is? we're too happy. >> that is the real issue. >> you're a sour puss. >> all right. i think we need to get the
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this morning, the side effects of some of your favorite foods. most side effects are harmless but some can be a little embarrassing. joy, good to see you. >> very embarrassing. >> yes. they certainly can be depending on where you are and who you're with. >> right. >> when you've eaten something and your body starts talking back to you most of the time it may be a little embarrassing but sometimes it can actually mean that there is something else going on. >> that's right. if it's new, unusual, or an uncomfortable side effect and it's not amongst the main issues we're going to be discussing today i think it's definitely worth a call to your doctor. you want to make sure that it's nothing medically dangerous. >> all right. let's knock these out. this one i've always wondered about. asparagus. >> so asparagus are comprised of sulpha containing amino acids and when we digest that we create this smelly compound which is ultimately excreted in the urine but the interesting thing is not everyone is equipped to smell this foul odor. so you may actually have it and not even know it. >> oh, dear. well.
9:20 am
okay. now how much do you have to eat? seems like i eat one stalk, boom. >> if you're a smeller, one, two, three spears and bam. it happens. it will happen relatively quick about 15 minutes. >> how long does it last? >> gone by the next day. it's harmless but you do smell it for a little from something very nutritious. >> this next one happened to me. i was all concerned and about to call somebody. you eat beets and then all of a sudden -- >> red runs. yeah. you get a red run in your stool when you eat a lot of beets. that is because -- >> i hope everybody is enjoying their cheerios this morning. >> what a topic for a morning show. but people do get freaked out and they panic because you think you're bleeding internally but really if it's from beets it's the pigment, the antioxidant that gives it that nice, red, ruby color. >> do other red foods do this? >> well, watermelon and tomatoes have some of it but you'd really have to eat excessive amounts of those foods in order to see the red runs. beets are the main culprit. >> the red runs. okay. you're cutting up onions and you start crying.
9:21 am
>> right. when you slice into an onion you are breaking the cell membrane within the vegetable and you wind up with this potent enzyme which ultimately releases a volatile gas. the gas gets up in your eyes and then your tear ducts jump into play and wash it out. >> anything you can do to stop it? >> yes. some people carve out the root end because that's where the enzyme is concentrated but you can also pop the onion in the freezer ten to 15 minutes and it will slow down the reaction or, al, handy dandy onion goggles. i look like a dork but i live for these things. you can pick them up in any cooking store. >> and then drinking a cup of coffee in the morning. >> makes you go. and that's because it's a stimulant. caffeinated coffee perks us up but it also is going to accelerate the contractions in the colon. this is sort of a good thing because so many people suffer with irregularity that you take it wherever you can get some help. >> grapefruit and grapefruit juice may cause problems with interactions with certain drugs you take. >> right. it is a shame but there is a
9:22 am
compound in this nutrient dense fruit that can inhibit the breakdown of certain medications. normally it's the cardiac medications, blood pressure, and cholesterol lowering medications. you can switch to oranges. it doesn't have the compound. >> beans. >> beans, good for your heart. beans contain a sugar that humans cannot break down so it sits in your gut. gas is formed. in to help us and you know what happens next. >> yes, i do. brain freeze? >> when you eat something super cold and it hits the roof of your mouth we have a cluster of nerves that send signals to your brain and you get intense pain and headaches but the good news is you can minimize that by just eating these cold foods at least in the beginning slowly. if you're using a straw with a smoothie or a milk shake just position it to the side of your mouth in the beginning so it doesn't hit the roof of our mouth and you'll be okay. or suffer a little because ice cream is worth it.
9:23 am
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>> good morning. this morning we are seeing a lot of low clouds and occasional drizzle. earlier heavier showers. we might develop more rain today as the wet pattern continues with more rain popping up on the radar of into the. the statewide forecast calls for a lot of clouds. a lot of clouds. there will be some sun
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that have earned the keurig brewed seal of approval. the keurig brewed seal is our commitment that the coffee inside will deliver a delicious cup of coffee every time. keurig brewed. look for the only mark of genuine keurig quality. ♪ ♪ i got cat class and i got cat style ♪ >> oh, look at that face. that's willow the miracle cat. the calico disappeared in colorado five years ago and turned up in new york city a little bit over a week ago. like so many youngsters she was
9:31 am
catapulted to stardom. get it? >> i get it. >> we'll show you the happy reunion with her long lost family tomorrow on "today." >> happy cat stories. we like that. just ahead the pick of the litter literally when it comes to handbags. bobby thomas has hand picked the trendiest styles for fall. whether you like a classic, refined look for the office or you want to glamm it up for a night out we have something for everyone. she did her research and got hundreds of bags. >> actually all bobby's. we've got hot tamales in today's kitchen. we'll show you the best way to cook them and to stuff them. >> all right. then it's time to walk the plank, maties. the pirates from the eye patches to -- the whole crew is getting into it. we will learn all about pirate life. >> something tells me we'll have a little fun with this one. >> yes. >> and the greatest argument against scurvy you've ever seen.
9:32 am
>> oh, yes. look at that. >> oh, boy. >> that explains a lot of his camera shots. >> anyway, where is the gold earring? we'll find out. actually there are stories behind all these pirate fashions. >> and debunking some myths too. >> first we have to do the weather. let's show you what is going on. we are looking at wet weather in the northeast. showers in the southeast. we also have clouds and moderate temperatures in the pacific northwest. we move into tomorrow and the rain gets a lot heavier in the mid-atlantic states on into the northeast. we may have flood watches and warnings up later tomorrow. the western two-thirds of the country sunny to mild. we're looking at hot weather texas all the off and on rainshowers will be with us. it will not be steady rain but if get underneath it could drop heavy rain for a brief period of time.
9:33 am
and that's your latest weather. >> all right, al. thanks. coming up next whether your style is refined or a little more wild we've got the hottest handbags for fall right after this. >> we like it. let's go shopping. [ male announcer ] 20,000 btus produce a delicate sear. double-oven range makes dinner and dessert -- at the same time. turbo-charged advantium oven cooks more than twice as fast, in this culinary powerhouse. dan. yes? molé sauce. [ male announcer ] with ge's most advanced cooking technology, the café line takes food further. [ male announcer ] with ge's most advanced cooking technology, wait a second... with olay challenge that. new regenerist wrinkle revolution...
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that transform lathering into lavishing. olay body collections. this morning on "bobbie's style buzz" fall's hottest handbags. today's style editor bobbie thomas rolled up her sleeves literally searching through hundreds of bags to find the best buys for under $150. bobbie, good morning. >> good morning. >> lots of trends in handbags that we're seeing this fall and that are going to carry into, you know, winter and spring as well. you really did your research. i think we have a photo of you inundated. >> yes. basically drowning in handbags in your apartment. >> this is really what my office looks like. >> i want that office. >> and this is just one edit. i want everyone to know how much homework i did. everything is on our "today" show website at we have a lot of bags and if you don't find the name, if i don't say it's online.
9:38 am
>> let's take a look at some of the trends, first being the refined look. classics are always trendy and good to have. >> i know. >> but not just in your basic black and tan anymore right? >> it is so ironic that timeless bags are trendy right now but that's great news because you can get a good bag, designers like chan echlel. they reinvented and you'll see the edgy hardware and rich colors. this color is ink. that really updates the structure that you're used to seeing over and over with just a fresh color. maybe beyond your brown or black. you can pick up one of these rich colors. >> bright red. yellow. >> everything here is under a hundred dollars with the exception of maybe three bags. and of course the runway ones. but this bag is $29. >> wow. >> it is fantastic. from urban outfitters, everything that is on trend. >> so cute. >> a lot of the hardware. steve madden from macy's. >> very nice. >> we have great bags from all different areas. >> and you actually found some women as well with some real
9:39 am
handbag issues. they're going to put the trends here to the test. take a look at what angela showed you was her issue. >> yes. i stopped her in union square park. i loved the yellow bag. it was great. i wanted to show how a structured, refined bag can really update that book to be a little more crisp for fall. she is wearing two trends in one, structured and wild. we have another photo of her with a different bag, this bag here. it's $90, a great bag. >> i like that. >> she was going to work and i thought it was a great modern update you could wear to the office. a good work look. >> and down sizing from bulky bags. >> then everything ends up at the bottom is my case. our next category is wild and as you can tell from looking at this table we're getting real inspiration. >> yes. >> from nature here. right? a lot of faux furs and snake prints. >> this is stella mccartney's bag named after her horse and high end designers are doing faux fur as well. don't think because it is not real if you remember it isn't
9:40 am
great. vale flchlt tino did this great exotic skin bag. this is real python from the runway. people were dying over these. you can find the idea at every price point. i love these bags. this one underneath that is light is only $25 from h & m and it has a fantastic handle. you can see right here. >> braided. >> with the braids. >> very cute. >> we've got all kinds, again, this is a great trim tote from saundra roberts. >> a lot of the feathers and fur throughout. >> just like going into the woods. you can find inspiration. this is chico's. >> let's look again at some lovely ladies you helped out. we have first marisa, her before and after picture. tell us what the issue was. >> what was fun you see the $25 handbag on her from han m. we took her summer bag which was white linen and updated her to fall. handbags are a great investment to give you the transition. we had someone else, audrey, who was so adorable. she didn't want to smile but
9:41 am
ended up giving us something. she had a floral bag and then we updated her with the wild bag. >> then really quickly here we're going glam now. who doesn't want a little sparkle? you have a lot of choices. another big trend. >> i love this idea. this is a jewel-encrusted handbag from the runway that needs guards i think. it is all about this glitzy glam. this is approximately a hundred dollars. this is fantastic. this is steve madden. this is from the sequins. we have a picture of somebody i swapped this bag out for. >> let's look here at alexandra. you swapped out a more sparkly, updated bag. >> she was going on a job interview at a shoe company so i wanted to give her something more edgy. we had fran who loved the sequin bag. >> how fun. >> there are so many and again all of these bags in front of us are on >> we can't get to it all but great research. thank you. i love all of them. up next, we're plundering the
9:42 am
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. welcome back me hearties with a look at life on the high seas. we're talking pirates. >> this week we celebrated international talk like a pirate day. who knew there was such a thing? but we're joining in the festivities with the founder of the st. augustine pirate and treasure museum. >> he is also author of "the pirate handbook" a rogue's guide to pillage, plunder, chaos, and conquest. good title. and a regular at the "today" show. >> pat's already called us wenches this morning. >> who wouldn't want to join my crew with this look? >> i'm telling you. >> you're on. you are let's face it a little obsessed with pirates. where does this come from? why do you love them? >> it started when i was young and i saw earl flynn in the captain blood movie. i started crossing skull and cross bones into my ruler. the nuns would beat me with that ruler but it never left me. >> i have the greatest collection in the world now in st. augustine, part of the treasure museum. and the book, the pirate handbook is for everyone now.
9:47 am
first person to come and join me as part of my crew. >> everything about the pirates, the look, it all had a point. >> it's for real. this is you. captains wanted to dress like gentlemen of fortune. they wanted to imitate the upper class. all of us if we weren't born into the upper class we couldn't be captain of a ship. you're stuck. but on a pirate ship you can. you have the sashes. the sashes held on your pistols. >> very nice. >> and the golden earring was not just a fashion statement. >> no. you know what that was? the golden earring? >> tell me. >> that was a sailor's way of getting into fiddler's green. should he die that was his last bribe to get him what they considered heaven. >> what about the eye patches? the eye patches had to have a purpose too. >> you know why? because they lost their eye. normally from battle. >> usually i would say that's probably -- >> you can also keep -- what happened is once they got a splinter in they'd lose their eye and then wear the eye patch.
9:48 am
>> okay. >> can i have that? >> you can. >> what about the bandanas? we want to try those on. >> how does this work? >> this is bad. you're not on my crew anymore. you'll be the cook. >> okay. bandana. >> there was a special art to it right? what do we do? >> all you do is put it into a triangle. then put the long side right up against your forehead. >> take your hat off. >> turn it around. that's it. anybody got a stapler? >> now the book really is to debunk a loft the myths. >> yes it is. >> and establish some of the real history and facts of piracy, right? >> it does. it's an illustrated guide but also i have a sense of humor in it. like these sashes, you wouldn't buy these. you'd steal them. >> what would they eat? >> i'll show you. >> the stew, the irish stew with everything in it from fruits to -- look at that. >> there you go. >> what's in it though?
9:49 am
>> everything from turtle to chicken. >> ooh turtle. >> tomatoes, to eggs. everything. >> but this looks good. >> biscuits? are they hard as tacks? >> hard tack was something that sailors would eat because they would last a year onboard. >> because they'd fill you up. like a dog treat? >> they had nothing else to eat, savannah. >> okay. all right. >> these are imposters. >> they're good. >> what about drink? did pirates drink a lot? >> a lot of rum. you know why? because the water was always so putrid and rancid so you had to bring or steal rum. we have some things here. >> three drinks. >> this is grog. grog is diluted rum. >> it is going to make you groggy. >> about nine parts water one part rum. now, here's what you want. bumbo. >> bumbo! >> two parts rum one part water. >> oh, bumbo! >> rumfussen doesn't have any rum in it. >> what is that? >> have it. i'll have the bumbo.
9:50 am
>> ooh that's strong. >> yes. >> there is no alcohol in that? >> there is a little sherry and some ale. >> okay. >> the number one myth you're going to debunk right now is? >> the story is you walk the plank. >> no one walked the plank. >> really? >> jan berry made it famous with peter pan. >> oh, man. >> pirates would rather tie you to a dead body and throw you overboard. >> oh, that's better. yeah. easier way to go. >> thank you so much. >> this was fun. >> we've learned a lot here. >> my crew. you can read an excerpt on >> all right. up next in today's kitchen we'll take a turn. hot tamales. but first this is "today" on nbc. but f[ male announcer ]y" on at the safeway pharmacy you can get a flu shot with no hassle at all. i don't even need an appointment. [ male announcer ] it's about as easy as flu shots get. get your groceries and a flu shot, all in one trip. at safeway.
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and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. this morning you say tamale i say tamale. either way easy as one, two, three. christina -- bobbie thomas says it is one of everybody's
9:53 am
favorites in l.a. you are here to show us tamales. what is a tamale? >> it's a corn masado wrapped in a husk. >> but you don't eat the husk. >> no. nonedible. >> a lot of fiber. >> wouldn't be fun. these are the husks and then you soak them in really hot water for like 30 minutes and then this is the virgin masa which makes the dough. then we have our different fillings. you can fill it with beef, chicken, cheese with a little bit of chile is really good. >> how do we start? >> first we make the massas. we'll add the chili paste. that flavors it. we add 1 1/4 teaspoon salt, half teaspoon baking powder. >> okay. >> a quarter cup canola oil. and then let's get this going. and a little bit of water. about one cup. >> okay. >> to loosen it up.
9:54 am
>> okay. what -- is that the right consistency? >> no. it's perfect. actually we'll put the whole thing of water in. we'll let the mixer do the heavy work. >> you keep working. >> okay. this is the right consistency. >> okay. >> so we've made, these are the husks and you lay one on your hands like this. >> like that. >> and with the spoon. okay. and we'll take a dopple of it and put it on. you want to keep it up at the top. there we go. and we'll just spread it and you don't want to spread it too much. that's sort of the trick is if you spread it around because it'll get really sticky and stick. >> okay. and then stick. >> can we -- oh, let's bring over the fillings. >> this stuff. >> yes. >> thank you. perfect. all right. >> you thought those were going over didn't you? >> so we can pick our fillings. i'm going to do a little chili and some cheese. >> what is this? >> the beef.
9:55 am
>> okay. >> okay. great. and okay. we're just going to fold it over. wrap it once like that. >> okay. >> you just kind of roll it. >> we put a little -- in a little foil kind of thing? >> no. and then once yours is rolled you'll kind of square it off and, like such. and then we'll add it to the steamer. >> so how long will they steam? >> they'll steam for about 30 to 40 minutes. >> let's come on back this way. >> okay. all right. hi. what have we got here? >> here we have the hot ones ready to go. we'll take some out. this looks like a chicken one. >> how long did it take? >> 30 to 40 minutes. just until the dough gets into a nice form. >> delicious. we love this. >> you can unwrap it like a gift and top it with different salsas. we have a mexican cream, red salsa, and -- >> what did you bring to drink? >> skinny margaritas. >> ah. >> not to be confused with
9:56 am
skinny girl. got it. little trouble there. >> and it's made with the guave nectar, tequila, fresh lime juice. >> thanks so much. >> thank you so much. coming up hoda a
9:57 am
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